The Pursuit of Happiness

was a great movie!

But this video is mad decent.

4 of my favorite artists in one song. The line up is Kid Cudi, Drake, MGMT and Ratatat. This vid was an unexpected surprise and ended up being the song that got me through my work day.

This video itself is filmed really well, lots of slow frame and the color spectrum is so cool, nice dark greens and earth tones. everyone’s skin is shining just right. Cudi is fitted as usual and I really enjoyed it. The pursuit of Happiness shines in this aspect. You can really feel it when Cudi drops the line “you don’t really care about the trials of tomorrow, rather lay awake in a bed full of sorrow” The whispers at the end are dope as well. Anyways yeah, I must have played this song 15 times today. Enjoy.



A Southern Californian Medical Marijunana Collective.

The medical marijuana game is kinda new here in CA. Tonight I was invited to attend the HUSH pre-awards party at Specialty Collectives. Specialty is one of the premier medical dispensaries in Los Angeles. Photos weren’t allowed at this event but the owner let me snap a few with my iphone… and then I ate a cookie 🙂 !!

The XX-Crystilised

This band is tight. 4 youngsters from London. Super melancholy. Really into this kind of Indie. I like how the drummer uses an MPC 500 sampler. I’ll be getting one of these for my Birfday this year.

J.D. Salinger

So when I heard J.D. Salinger had passed away. I was saddened. I really was, you know that feeling you get when you see an old vintage car or a photo of life from the old days? How things were different and somehow “better”?  Catcher in the Rye is a classic and my favorite book of all time. Ive gone on to read works by so many authors but Salinger’s character Holden Caulfield is the only one I can truly relate to. I dug out my copy and snapped this photo with my iphizzy.

Just a trip to Hollywood Hills.

So Lili, Edwin, and I took a drive into the hills to check out houses for rent. This was just before the big storms here in LA earlier this year. so it was a really rainy drive. I saw this red corvette coming up the hill so I hopped out and crouched down in time for this photo. This is shot with a nikon D40. My favorite portable SLR.